Building a Whatsapp Clone Using Firebase

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What you will learn?

• How to develop a complete app using Firebase that you can show off to your friends
• What is Firebase Database?
• How does Firebase  Authentication work?
• Android components like RecyclerView, Dialog, ProgressBar
Develop a WhatsApp clone Android app
Firebase Push Notification
• Firebase Cloud Functions
• Firebase Storage

— by Waqas Younis


Course Content [8 hours]

 👉 Introduction

• Who am I and why I am teaching this course?
• What you will be getting by the end of this course
• A little bit about Firebase

 👉 Setting Up Project

• Creating a new project in Android Studio
• Adding Firebase to Android App

 👉 Authenticating User

• What is Firebase Auth?
• Adding Firebase Auth to Android Studio
• Building Registration Interface
• Building Login Interface
• Adding Mobile number verification
• Adding profile update option
• Logging out user

 👉 Building Database

• What is Firebase Database
• What is the difference between Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase Firestore?
• What are Database Rules?
• Structuring the database for our chat app
• Adding Firebase Realtime Database to Android Studio

 👉 Saving Data to Firebase Database

• Retrieving Data from Firebase Database
• Saving user-generated content
• What is Firebase Storage
• What are the storage rules?
• Adding Firebase Storage to Android Studio
• Saving profile image to Firebase Storage
• Saving multimedia messages to Firebase Storage

 👉 Send Real-time Notification

• What is FCM?
• Adding FCM to Android Studio
• What is Firebase Cloud Function
• What are Cloud Function Triggers
• Listen to Database update triggers
• Send Notification
• Receiving and handling notification in Android App



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