Write for Us – Android & Firebase

If you want to write for FirebaseTutorials, we give an opportunity to grow your blog.

Read the guidelines to know more.

What We Are Looking For

Content should be educational, not promotional.
  1. What can you teach others?
  2. What can you write that will establish you as a true authority in this industry?
  3. Write with screenshots and code examples so that people can follow them.

Here are 9 Basic Guidelines for Approval

  • 1. Content should be unique, and Copyscape passed
  • 2. Content should be actionable, think like a how-to guide. Find out articles published on our Firebasetutorials.
  • 3. Link to the authentic sources and internal out existing articles.
  • 4. Don’t overpromote yourself or blog that makes an article less authentic in the eyes of Google and users.
  • 5. Content should provide a need and a solution that users can implement.
  • 6. Content should be technically accurate, don’t send us a noob article, our Android and Firebase community will not forgive.
  • 8. Focus on facts, instead of opinions. Avoid making claims.
  • 9. Content should consist of 800 words or more. 

What We Won’t Publish

  • Content that has already been published on our blog.
  • We don’t accept opinion based articles, instead focus on teaching with tips, strategies, and steps to follow.
  • Content written for self-promotional links.
  • Content that provides no value to writers and Google.
  • Content should not have any grammar and spelling errors.

How to Impress the Editing Team

  • 1. Don’t email us your article submit it via our form given below
  • 2. Write the title in the subject.
  • 3. Check your article with Grammarly and Google Docs for spell and grammar checks.
  • 4. Format your article with heading tags <H2>, bullet points, and so on.
  • 5. Use screenshots, images, infographics, and code examples to impress the editors and the users.

What happens when I submit my post?

  • When you submit your guest post, your post is added to the queue. Editors will check your article and notify you along the way for any modifications. 
  • The editor will respond to you within 48 hours.

Note: We only allow paid guest posts to be published on our website with one permanent do-follow backlink. For a free guest post, no-backlink is allowed.

Submit Your Form

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For any questions, contact us.

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