Top 9 Uses And Benefits Of Firebase Dynamic Links

Google has made great tools for FREE to use.

Among ’em, Firebase Dynamic Links tool is a great tool for mobile and web developers.

Don’t know about it?

Let me give you a brief introduction to it.

Firebase Dynamic Links are the deep links and you can manipulate as per your needs and wants.

You can control users where they can go and where not.

For example, you want users to download your app to open the link that you provided them.

Quick Jumps

1. Converting Web Users to App Users

Being on someone’s mobile as an app is like having space in someone’s life or home.

With the help of a dynamic link, your web user can go exactly to a specific part of the app where they are working on the website.

For example, as you can see in the image if a person is listening to a song on the Shazam website and he wants to install the app, then the user can go to the link and install the app.

When the user installs the app, songs activity will resume where the users left that.

Pretty cool? Right.

It means the user won’t be distracted with other features of the app.

In simple words, it’ll provide an exceptional user experience.

2. Social Campaign

Suppose you’ve created an app and you want to spread a word about it across the globe.

You want to tell your audience about the discount you’re going to offer them.

You can create a simple and engaging social campaign with dynamic links.

In this way, current and future users can easily retrieve these offers no matter whether they’re using Android, iOS, or the web.

3. Email Campaign

After publishing your app it’s a hard task to gain users, and email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective and beneficial ways to get customers retention and engagement.

And email marketing is still an effective and easy way to market your customers.

You can type a beautiful Email campaign message and enter some information about your offer and add dynamic links as a beautiful button and send the email to all your users (customers).

Whenever a user opens the link then the link corresponds accordingly.

In this way, you can easily get more users.

In the below screenshot, you can get more travelers for your traveling company.

4. SMS Campaign

A large number of small companies use SMS marketing.

Yes, the SMS campaign still exists.

And actually, sometimes it’s a quite good way to gain users.

The reason is simple SMS campaigns cost low and you can target users who are living beyond the market means a lot of users know a very small part of the internet.

You can simply put the dynamic link of a product and put a rule that the product should open in your app if the app is installed otherwise open the website.

5. User-to-User Sharing

You can easily share your app content with their friends or family members.

It doesn’t matter which platform your friends use.

It’s an excellent way to ask other users to explore your app.

Who knows the new user might purchase your app.

Curious about how to implement it? Read the practical guide.

6. Converting Desktop Users to App Users

When a website user bookmarks a page and sends himself the link.

They can easily open the link on any device.

As you can see in the image a web user sends location into his iOS device and a user can easily access the same app setting on their Android phone.

7. Real-world App Promotion

You can use QRcode and Eddystone that will encode your dynamic link into your physical display.

In this way, you can promote your app at events and other venues.

The below image is the example of a ticket booking app. Most of the time QRcode works like a payment gateway. You can also use QRcode with authentication just like Whatsapp.

8. Reward Referral

This is one of my favorite and best ways to use dynamic links.

You can use dynamic links to get more users.

Whenever a user registers on your app. Just push your user to bring your friends, family members on your app by giving them some referral bonus points like most of the payment gateway companies do.

Below is the example of the Easy Paisa mobile app.

9. Short URLs for Affiliate Marketing

Short URLs for Affiliate Marketing

Instead of using Bitly and other short link tools to make your URL shorter, you can simply use Firebase Dynamics Links.

You can make a long URL, short, and cool URL.



You don’t need to use paid services.

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