Best 10 Firebase Alternatives You Need to Know

Are you looking for your girlfriend’s alternatives? 😂 I mean Firebase alternatives. You’ve come on the right planet.

Firebase is a great tool for building high-quality apps since you don’t need to work with server-side programming.

Being a developer, it’s necessary to understand which company is a competitor to Firebase since they can provide great features at a low cost.

It means if Google makes a product it doesn’t mean it’d be the best in class. If it were the case, Dropbox would never be the choice for professional people than Google Drive.

In this article, I’m going to discuss 10 Firebase alternatives.

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10 Firebase Alternatives

1. Back4App

Back4app dashboard

Back4App is also one of the easiest solutions that are available on the market that is designed for the creation of web and mobile apps.

It also allows you to host and manage your applications with ease.

The best part?

You can host your web, IoT, and mobile applications on this platform and can speed up your development process.

Major features are:

REST API option is also available to bring your app development to the next level.

2. AWS Amplify

aws amplify dashboard

AWS Amplify is the best open-source backend as a service in cloud computing since it’s created by Amazon.

It helps you to create a serverless app which can be effortlessly combined with javascript based front end apps.

AWS Amplify can be combined with iOS, Android, and React.

This comes with a full toolkit that can be expected to handle multiple backend services in a more manageable and simpler way.

Major features are:

It provides you with 5GB free space that you can scale up when you fill Amazon’s pocket.

3. GameSparks

gamesparks dashboard

GameSparks is a suite of cloud services that helps you quickly build online features games and then tune them after launch to improve KPI like user engagement and keeping users engaged.

When you depend on GameSparks, you will like the versatility of GameSparks like customization of features.

Besides these functionalities, you can also use its Database as a Service feature which is a very tension free feature for game developers.

The capability to perform Meta-Games in which you can use virtual currencies or goods is another remarkable aspect of GameSparks.

4. PubNub

pubnub dashboard

Here comes another alternative of Firebase, PubNub is famous for its data streaming abilities.

Data streaming messages can transfer trillions of messages every month.

That’s a huge number.

That’s why if you are building a chat services type application PubNub might be a good choice.

PubNub provides features:

  • Storage
  • Playback
  • Mobile push notification — send notification even when the app is in a kill state
  • Stream controllers — it’s a feature that permits you to listen to a specific number of channels with a single connection

5. Kuzzle

kuzzle dashboard

Kuzzle is a highly flexible service.

If you want to develop an innovative application then Kuzzle is for you.

Kuzzle is ready to use a backend platform that is expected to unite innovative solutions for mobile, web, and IoT applications.

Also, Kuzzle provides feature like:

  • Multi-protocol API
  • Strong storage
  • Real-time functionality.
  • User’s auth
  • Data management
  • Push notifications
  • Real-time data syncing
  • Advanced searches

And more.

6. homepage

Hoodie is a self-hosted platform specialized in the javascript backend portion and helps developer life easier like never before.

Hoodie comes up with a great range of features like:

  • no backend technology
  • offline support
  • dedicated community
  • Runs both on hosted & locally

And more.

7. Firehouse

firehose homepage

If you’re planning to build a real-time web application then look no further than Firehouse.

The reason is pretty simple. Firehouse never uses any kind of complex protocol.

The Firehouse is majorly dependent on the design policies of RESTful.

Even when complexity increases, it’ll ask you to use parse protocols. And it will also help you to prove writing the entire app code.

8. Deployed

deployed dashboard

Deployed is one of the common powerful API design, open-source deployment platforms that has the capability to permit the developers to develop their mobile and web applications without any trouble.

Deployed helps you to develop, design, deploy and customize application programming interfaces for any of their web or mobile applications in the best reasonable way.

Moreover, it comes up with an easy & simple library and provides you with API modular for the applications.

Also, it is easy and fast to develop a test API while developers develop the UI of your app.

9. Atmosphere

atmosphere javascript

If you’re in search of a marvelous application build platform for the creation of asynchronous web applications then Atmosphere is a run for you.

Atmosphere contains both client-side and server-side components.

Besides It provides you more benefits to the developer in the best suitable way.

The major features are

  • Long polling
  • HTTP Streaming
  • SSE (Server sent events ) Support, etc.

10. MongoDB

MongoDB dashboard

Again last but not least, another alternative is MongoDB.

A lot of people presume that it is just a database. But, it’s not.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database.

What does it mean? MongoDB explains:

“NoSQL databases (aka “not only SQL”) are non tabular, and store data differently than relational tables. NoSQL databases come in a variety of types based on their data model. The main types are document, key-value, wide-column, and graph. They provide flexible schemas and scale easily with large amounts of data and high user loads.”

MongoDB stores its data in a flexible JSON-like format (not exactly JSON).

The major benefit of MongoDB is that it’s a scheme less i.e. if your scheme is flexible then this could be an ideal scenario for a document store.

And a major con is that data size is higher because it stores every document field’s name.

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