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Firebase VS AWS: 8 Differences You Need to Know

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Last Update: June 30, 2020

Ready to know which is better? Amazon AWS or Firebase?

Let’s have a fight.

AWS offers an entire scope of services that fundamentally change many open-source arrangements into a cloud.

Amazon is a complete package and offers different services also can be called all in one solution. They are pretty good with performance and are user-friendly too.

It provides reliable service and customer service support. Also, a great advantage one can have you pay as per what you get.

On the other hand, Google Cloud additionally offers numerous services that we believe are all the more mechanically progressed.

Many Google services are intended for programmed scaling, computerized traffic the executives, and low IT costs.

Google Firebase has awesome data storage and if anything, requires next to no server-side code, it is pretty good. It scales/balances the heap without your intervention. The support is incredible, they respond rapidly.

The open-source network likewise offers broad support for libraries. The best thing about Firebase is its working with web attachments, so you can without much of a stretch make constant applications.

Did you know? Firebase is run by Google Cloud Platform.

All the more critically, you can give even conventional applications a continuous vibe. The user interface is extremely basic and clear, and as we would see it very cheap after Google began to verify it.

It’s independent and can be joined with any AWS or Google backend as required. So the decision isn’t generally AWS or Firebase.

You can join the great features of each cloud and don’t generally need to pick among AWS and something.



Firebase is an application for the purpose of mobile backend, mobile app development, and managing.

The best part of Firebase?

It provides most of the tools and services for free like Firebase Dynamic LinksFirebase CrashlyticsRemote Config, and more.

Firebase does not offer relational data, which will be troublesome for the newly formed teams or companies.

Depending on if you are a large and professional team and require knowledgeable service, then go for AWS, but if you are new in the industry with the small team then go for Firebase.

Firebase is new in the business for the time being. They offer creative and current innovation with some extraordinary features. They additionally charge less for the IT administration they give. It is reasonable for little groups. AWS is an enormous set up as it isn’t perfect for little groups.

Firebase started back in 2011, and it previously was named as Envolve. Envolve provided its users with an API that entitled to the integration of the function of online chat on their website.

James Tamplin and Andrew Lee were the two initial founders of this application named as Envolve. People started using this application for passing application data, which was more than chat messages.

Soon after all this happened the founders then realized the need to split it up into two. They separated in the chat systems and real-time architecture. In 2012 firebase was established as a separate mobile backend service with real-time functionality.

Now let’s talk about the services offered by firebase.




The real-time database allows you to sync and store between the users for real in real-time. It provides you the detailed information of current value or any updates related to your app or data with the help of a single API. It made syncing more convenient by allowing the users to access their data from any device they want to. It can be a phone or web. It helps you to collaborate. There are some more advantages attached to it.


In normal circumstances, you need to develop an authentication system that would take months to set up. In the case of Firebase, a user can set up an authentication system within 10 lines of code. It is very convenient. One can validate his application’s users through email, phone numbers, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and more.




Firebase Cloud Messaging is a reliable and battery-efficient connection between your server and all the devices on either Android or iOS. It is done at almost no cost. When you are using Firebase cloud messaging service, then you can easily target your audience as per their behavior, demographics, and subscription. You can send them messages and notifications you want to.



If you want to index your content by Google, then use the same URL used in your application that you use on your website. It will enable people to get what they are looking for on Google.





Firebase Dynamic Links help you to come directly to a particular location in your application. There are some uses for dynamic links, as well.




Well in the real-time database, the data is arranged in a JSON tree but if Firebase is in a more structured manner. Firebase keeps the data in an object known as documents. All the data is basically stored in the form of a group of documents and this group comes under the collection. When the data increases so it is arranged into sub-collections and there we again have a group of documents. That’s how it keeps on expanding.


The concept is Firebase is basically about safety or security. The data in Firebase is automatically stored in various other regions. So if data goes off from one region, then you know it is stored somewhere else too. So you are always safe and secure.



Real-time database charges as per the data stored. Firebase does the same thing but is indeed significantly charging lower than that. The pricing in Firebase is done based on the number of reads or writes you perform.


Amazon Aws

AWS provides web services and cloud computing platforms. It is the world’s leading cloud computing platform as of now. It is offering approximately 165 fully-featured services across the globe.

AWS is part of one of the first companies to provide users with computers and storage as per their needs. AWS is an extraordinary decision. Something else, individuals who don’t think about the administration well then they wind up spending a lot of money.

It is ideal for huge groups of people.
They offer tons of services including the main services that are application development, infrastructure management, and security.



Amazon relational database service provides convenience in setting up, operating, and scaling a relational database in the cloud. It is highly durable and available. Relational database service makes it easy to control network access to the database. It provides a data warehouse that is suitable for a data analyst to perform business intelligence tasks.



It is used for software development kits to deploy and manage different applications and services. It can also be used to manage cloud services from the Windows environment.



One can manage and monitor everything via using the amazon website service. AWS helps the user to avoid using expensive tools as they come along with AWS trusted advisors, do the job well. AWS users can track the resource and application with the help of an Amazon cloud watch.


They provide a wide range of security for their users. Users can make a directory or connect cloud with other resources to Microsoft Directory. The cloud has introduced some tools which automatically indicate the risks. It also observes the environment which can impact or can be insecure in any way.


Amazon website service offers a variety of collections of tools and services for mobile application developers. It also provides a user to send notifications to application end users and after that, observe the effectiveness of those activities and communications.



It provides the primary communication path for users and applications. They offer a service known as Amazon simple queue service is a message queue that stores, sends, and receives messages between components of distributed applications. It provides a messaging feature that has a function of push messages for mobile devices. It is significant for IT professionals and marketers to receive and send emails.


There are some other services offered by amazon that include online video calling, chats, and calls between devices.



AWS offers a different price as per the customer’s needs and requirements. They also offer discounts to their customers.



Finally, AWS is a great choice. It is suitable for the ones who know how to use the service. Otherwise, people who don’t know about the service well then they end up spending a lot of money. It is perfect for large teams.

Firebase is new in the industry for now. They offer innovative and modern technology with some great features. They also charge less for the IT service they provide. It is suitable for small teams. AWS is a massive set up and so isn’t ideal for small teams.


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